Pup Protector

As responsible dog owners, we want to keep our furry pups healthy and happy.  But most importantly, we want to keep our loving pups safe at all hours of the day.  As a result, Pup Protector has created custom finished LED light collar and leashes to ensure our furry friends are clearly visible to motorists and other pedestrians. 

By using elegant Pearl LED, Pup Protector’s custom collars and leashes emit the brightest light while adding the perfect amount of style. Superior strength reflective stitching also greatly enhances visibility when directly exposed to light. Pup Protector LED light collars and leashes have been tested to ensure the highest quality and durability standards are met. 

Our loving dogs are more than a best friend. They are a unique extension of our identity, so why not treat them with the best care and safety as we would to ourselves. Become part of the Pup Protector family today and see what the new craze of Pup Protector LED collar and leashes will do for your best friend. 

Most Importantly we want people who purchase from Pup Protector to feel like family.  We want to treat everyone like family.  We will treat every customer with respect and loyalty.  We will replace any item for any reason at any time.  You will not find another company who stands behind their product the way we stand behind our product!  


The Pup Protector team

Be Safe. Shine together.

Written by Pup Protector  Google+